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Thank you for visiting us, for one low fee teachers, families and homeschoolers are able to instantly download an unlimited amount of spelling packets and word work! As a member you will have access to all the spelling packets we sell individually on sites like TeachersPayTeachers or TeachersNotebook. Each packet ranges in price between $1 9to $60, but as a member you pay one low price for the whole set of packets: $49/year for individual subscribers or $149 for a school membership. Click on the plan below you are interested in. Join our newsletter to receive special discount announcements and site updates.

plan_image_yearNot sure of the membership? We have a free option so  you can see what the word work packets are like and how the web site works. Sign up for this option for free samples of the types of packets available on our site.


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If you are not a member yet, you can save $15 for a yearly SpellingPackets.com membership until Thanksgiving weekend – only $34 for a year!  You will have access to over 420 time-saving word work packets.  All our packets are no prep, just print out and they are ready to go!  All our members can also request customized packets for free! Just fill out our online form and we will upload the packet to the site for everyone to download. Purchase a membership here.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Stay safe out there in all that snow!

Holiday packets for our members!

Remember we have holiday packets available on our site.  Each packet can be downloaded in 10, 15, or 20 word variations. Not a member yet? Use code SAVE30 when you checkout for a 30% discount on an individual membership!  Click on the images to purchase each packet on TeachersPayTeachers if you prefer to purchase a membership at a later time.

Become a member, use coupon SAVE30 until Thanksgiving weekend, all the packets are included with your membership!


thanksgiving_packet winter_cover christmas_words


SpellingPackets.com Updates 10/18/14 – 12 New Bundles for members!

Updates 10/18/14 – 12 New Bundles for members!

Did you notice the 12 bundles on the bundles page? We received an email asking, “Why can’t I just download all the files at once for each activity instead of one at a time?”


Still not a member? Have a colleague that would find our site useful?  You and your friend can use this code to save 30% on an individual membership.  Type in the discount code SAVE30 when you checkout and save!


We separated all the packets out so you can view the words/concepts in each packet but maybe some members would like to download the full packet so we have started uploading complete bundles.  It is easier to download all 110+ word families for the pirates, bubbles, candy, dolch words, we even have ladybug and spiders clip art available on the site now, so come visit and see what’s new on the bundles page:


Do you use McGraw Hill’s Treasures basal readers?  We have 30 weeks of spelling word work available for grades 1,2, and 3 in the bundles page also.  We sell each of these packets on TpT and TeachersNotebook for $60 each, but they are included with your annual membership!!!

Remember you can request customized word work packets, just fill out our online form here:


If you have any questions you can email us directly to migbos12@yahoo.com, click the support link or use our online form here: http://www.spellingpackets.com/?page_id=90. We will respond within 24 hours (even during weekends and holidays!).  We are here to help!

Happy Teaching!



We have winners!

Thank you for participating in our giveaway this month! We have two winners, congratulations to Susan and Melanie for winning a full year individual membership to SpellingPackets.com, you join 55 current members that use our little web site to have word work readily available via just a few clicks.

You should have received your logins and passwords via email. Please enjoy your membership, thank you for visiting us, we hope to be of help during your school year. Please contact us at migbos AT yahoo dot com if you have any difficulties logging into the site.

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Hello everyone,

Every year we pick a week to discount our memberships 50%.  This week we have chosen August 29th to September 5th as our membership discount week. Just go to our order page at http://www.spellingpackets.com/?page_id=543 and use the code: save50

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Back to school word work packet 40% off on TeachersNotebook

We are taking a moment to announce our Daily Deal on TeachersNotebook on Saturday, 8/23.  Our Back to School – 20 words – 20 activities of word work – 54 pages which is regularly priced at $3.50 for non-members will be discounted 40% only $1.80 on 8/23. If you are interested in this product please view details here:


If you are registered on TN, make sure you follow our shop for the latest deals, flash freebies, and giveaway news. There will be a Flash Freebie after this sale is over but only for people that follow our shop!

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If you are not a member but would like to purchase individual lesson files, our entire store on TeachersPayTeachers is 28% off the entire day! We have over 100 word work files for sale. Click the link below to view our store.


Also, we currently have a giveaway for free memberships! So far only three people have signed up so your odds of winning are pretty good!

Members, all those files are available with your membership.  Contact us if there is anything you would like from our store that you can’t find on our site!

Giveaway and back to school packets available at SpellingPackets.com

Many of us are starting to school already! We have a giveaway you can register for on our web site: win a full year of access to SpellingPackets.com! If you share our giveaway you can earn additional entry opportunities: http://www.spellingpackets.com/?page_id=643

This is not a new packet but we do have a Back to school packet with 10, 15, and 20 word variations.  These are a good way to introduce the various activities you will be using throughout the school year.


Labor Day is fast approaching and we have just uploaded a brand new packet in 10, 15, and 20 word variations to use if you start school before the holiday weekend.









And lastly, we have just uploaded a brand new Veteran’s Day packet in 10, 15, and 20 word variations to use for that weekend holiday. All the packets are included with your subscription!









Not a member yet? Get a full  year’s worth of unlimited word work downloads for only $49!  You will have access to more than 420 packets, the packets range in size from 6 pages to 90+ pages each! That is 1000’s of pages comprised of tracing, coloring, scrabble-type worksheet, domino game, flash cards, ABC order pages, spin and write: more than 20 activities make up our word work packets. Join our newsletter to receive a discount on an individual subscription. Please let us know how we can be of help to you and your classroom.

Non-members can purchase these packets for $3.50 each on TeachersPayTeachers.com:

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