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Candy machine word work

Candy Machine Word Work Activity Packets at SpellingPackets.com – download now!

New word word activity set at SpellingPackets.com- Candy machine word families

This amazing, gigantic set of activities will get your kids learning word families in a fun, interactive way while completing a candy machine project.  Each word family contains 4 activities with 6 words from the same word family. Once the activities are completed the sections are templates that can be cut out and glued together to make a candy machine and there is extra practice.

This is an original, creative way to get your students excited about learning word families. Download the free sample for the -ab word family, try it with your kids and let us know how it goes, we are sure you will see the usefulness of the project/activity in teaching word families.

Your students will learn and have fun coloring, cutting, writing, and assembling the candy machines! We started uploading the activity packets and you can download the following word families if you are an annual member now!:
ab, ace, ack, ad, ade, ag, age, aid, ail, ain, air, ake, ale, all, am, ame, amp, an, and, ane, ank, ant, ap, ape, ar, are, arm, ash, ast, at, atch, ate, aw, ax, ay, each, eal, ean, ear, eat, ed, ee

(42 packets to start, another 60+ will be uploaded in the following weeks!)

This complete set is sold on TeachersPayTeachers for $19.99 but it is included with your annual membership. Free sample added to the free membership samples (-ab word family)

Thank you for visiting our pages online, we sincerely appreciate your patronage!

Candy machine word work

Candy machine word work

New packets and updates at SpellingPackets.com

Hi Everyone,

We have been working hard on getting new packets out this week as well as updating our pages.  Annual members do not be alarmed if you log in and notice there are less word family packets, actually there are more! We separated 6 word packets from the 10 word packets. We will be adding a new chef/baker theme with 10 words and we thought the page would be confusing so we split it up, but if you have been paying attention you will notice there are actually an additional 15 word family packets with 6 words.

We created some packets that were requested also.  Our newest member (member #32 already) requested a packet with silent e words and we have added it to the 10 word packet page.  If you recall, a couple of weeks ago member asked for a packet with money words, this week she requested another packet with different money words, you will find those in the 10 word packets also.  Remember anyone that is logged in as a member can request customized word packets!

Thank you for choosing us for your spelling instruction needs, we are here to help, please do not hesitate in asking for help or clarification. Please notify us of any mistakes you might see, we are diligent about our packets but there has been one or two mistakes discovered after we uploaded the packets.

Keep reading our updates, there will be a new giveaway coming up just for members and we are planning a “Sneak Peek” weekend for any friends/colleagues that might be interested in becoming a member, more details coming soon!

Have a great teaching week!

Raul @spellingpackets.com


Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone that entered our giveaway this month!  These are our winners (some new members!):

Annual membership winner:
Cari W.

Monthly membership winner:
Karen S.
John R.
Hope G.
Lynn T.
Sara M.

If you have an account, we updated your account with the extra year or month or membership. If you DID NOT have an account we need to have you create an account, contact us via the support link and we will update your account with the free month of membership :o)  We hope you enjoy the materials available on our site. If you did not win a membership remember you can become a member at 40% off until Tuesday, then the price is going up! You will receive a separate email with a link to the spelling packets for joining the giveaway!

SpellingPackets.com Updates

We are 25 members strong today!  Thank you to a new member we have uploaded a 10 word spelling packet using words related to money!  She went ahead and submitted her word list today and we created the spelling packet plus a train activity using her words.  Remember all our paid members can request new packets just by clicking on the “Request a packet” and submitting a list of 10, 15, or 20 words.

If you are looking for 10 word spelling packets then you will notice we added 12 packets to the download page this evening.  Some of the new titles you will see are:

  • money
  • insects
  • plants
  • space
  • summer
  • volcanoes
  • weather

Exciting stuff at SpellingPackets.com!

Welcome to all our new paid and free members! This week we are introducing a great feature we listed as a benefit but had not rolled out until now :o) There is a new page where all paid members can request a spelling packet to be created. Just click the link below, fill in the form, and we will create a packet using the words you requested. You can choose 10, 15, or 20 word packets! We meant for this feature to be only for annual members but we are a small group still and have extended it to monthly members for at least the next three months. We will re-evaluate the situation in the future – for now all paid members can request spelling packets. It is our sincere hope to create 5-10 new packets a week but we are not guaranteeing any time frames or even if all the packets will be created. We hope these packets you create will be of added value.

Request a spelling packet here

If you are an annual member you can view the word families page and there has been about 30 new packets linked on that page, more Pirate and Bubble activities than you can shake a stick at! Don’t pay for these if you are a member, we will eventually have them all added in our site for one low price!

main cover


We are also working on a new word family set that is Chef/Bread themed. We hope to have it finished and rolling out in the next 2 weeks.  Remember to sign up for the giveaway, everyone is welcome to sign up! We have more  members than giveaway entries still… lol.

Thank you for being part of the SpellingPackets.com Community!

New free membership option at SpellingPackets.com!

We have had prospective members ask us questions about the different topics we offer in our membership site so we decided to create a new, free option! If you are unsure about membership benefits you can sign up for a free membership and you will have access to 20 different packets. You will see the different types of packets available and how easy it is to download just what you need. We know seeing all these packets and knowing there are more than 70 packets currently available for download is a compelling argument to buying a membership – all this month memberships are 40% off! Thank you for considering us for your classroom.

Science tools spelling packets

Science tools packets uploaded for all members!

10, 15, and 20 word spelling packets on Science Tools is uploaded for all members.
These sheets can be used for word work, morning work, spelling centers and homework.

Some of the words used in this packet:
stop watch
test tubes
+ another 10 words

Activities in the packets include:
Spelling word waterfalls
Write each spelling word three times each.
Write a spelling word on each line, going from shortest to longest.
Hold the presses!
Practice Spelling Test
Spelling Test
Can you make three words using the letters from your spelling words?
Flash Cards
Tracing Flash Cards
Read, trace, write
Make your own Word Search
A-B-C Order
Scrabble Spelling
Spelling Cube
Spelling Decahedron
Fill in the shapes with the letters from your spelling words
Color in the bubble words
Fill in your spelling words in the shapes
Trace, Write, ABC, New Word
Syllable clap
Mega Domino Card Packet
Unscramble and Write
Spelling Scoot!
Spelling Scoot Answer Sheet!

This packet is free for members! Not a member yet? You can purchase this packet for $3 at TeachersPayTeachers or you can become a member of our site and have access to this packet plus another 40+ for only $4.50 a month! Click here for a 50% off offer!

Last few days of 50% off memberships!

Thank you to everyone that has become members of SpellingPackets.com these last couple of weeks.  We just wanted to announce that our 50% off membership discount will be ending this Friday, February 7th at 11:59PM.  If you or a friend/colleague would like to become members still there will be no better time than this week!

If you have not signed up for our giveaway please do so!  We only have 8 people signed up…lol.  We have more members than giveaway entries.  If you are a member you can sign up and refer people, we will just add it on to your membership if you win. Our last giveaway had 27 entries, we were hoping to beat that one! Let  your friends/colleagues know they will receive a 10, 15, and 20 word spelling packet just for signing up!  We are uploading new packets as we speak for monthly and annual members so stay tuned for further announcements.

Giveaway page here: http://www.spellingpackets.com/?page_id=643

Valentine’s Day Spelling Packet uploaded for members

All members have new packets to download today.  We created a 10, 15, and 20 word  Valentine’s Day spelling packet that is now available in the membership pages.

valentines day

valentines day

valentines day spelling packet

Not a member yet? You can purchase this packet for $3 at TeachersPayTeachers or you can become a member of our site and have access to this packet plus another 40+ for only $4.50 a month! Click here for a 50% off offer!